Oh Deer.

So about a month ago I was telling someone that I had never hit a deer. My husband has hit 3 and I had never hit one at all. I’ve had some very close calls but never actually ran one down.

Until last week.

I had been visiting with friend from out of town and on my way home at 11:30 pm when out of nowhere there was a deer in the middle of the road. She made it across just in time, but the friend that was following her…. not so much. I attempted to brake but when you are in a giant truck with mud tires it doesn’t work out so well. So I slammed into her dead on (no pun intended) at 60 mph. Thank goodness for giant chrome bumpers! She hit the road and I drove right over her. I did stop and check on things before I left to make sure she was dead, but I couldn’t move her out of the road by myself. So I got back in the truck and continued home.

I thought everything was fine and dandy just a little crack in bottom of the plastic bumper with some deer hair in it, but upon pulling out of my driveway the next morning I discovered otherwise. There was an awful grinding noise coming from the front end whenever I turned or hit a bump. I took it to the dealership and they told me that the deer had pushed the bumper into the tires! So I had to take it to the body shop to get it fixed. What I thought was a little crack turned into $700 some odd dollars for new bumpers. Thank goodness for good insurance with no comp deductible.


50 Things About Me

I have seen this done on a couple of different blogs and what better a way to start one off.
  1. I am married!
  2. I love my husband <3!
  3. We got married on 8/8/08 at 8:00 pm.
  4. Our dog is our child.
  5. Her name is Pixie Louise!
  6. I love margaritas with friends.
  7. Thunder storms make me sleep better.
  8. My favorite animal is a crab.
  9. I’m really bad at scratch off lotto tickets.
  10. I think Diet SunDrop is wonderful!
  11. I am an overprotective dog mom.
  12. I can’t wait until my VW Bug is fixed up one day.
  13. I want to move to Lynchburg one day.
  14. But it’s a dry county…
  15. I grew up on a dairy farm.
  16. I love being on the water.
  17. Creepy tower houses make me happy.
  18. I’ve never weedeated.
  19. Or used a chain saw.
  20. I like it when houses look lived in.
  21. I love the Dave Matthews Band.
  22. Chinese buffets are a necessity.
  23. “Creepers” is a word I use on a daily basis.
  24. I want a purple kayak.
  25. I don’t think I will ever really feel like a grown-up.
  26. Needles terrify me.
  27. So I started giving blood.
  28. I hate spiders.
  29. I love cheese.
  30. I wish I was a golfer.
  31. I love number things… (see #3).
  32. PT Cruisers are the devil.
  33. Lots of things are the devil.
  34. Life is good.
  35. I usually only buy clothes on clearance.
  36. Which is why I need to be on What Not To Wear.
  37. I took a Philosophy class.
  38. It was a mistake.
  39. I discovered that I am of the mindset that things are the way they are, because that’s the way they are.
  40. Onions are disgusting.
  41. Most of the foods that I don’t like are because of the textures.
  42. It bothers me when girls cry baby about how they can’t find a good guy when they go around acting like trashy sluts.
  43. I just might have the worst southern accent on the planet.
  44. I hate the way my voice sounds so I don’t leave voice mails.
  45. The wild lilies that grow along side the road are one of my favorite flowers.
  46. Cheap is my middle name.
  47. I want to go to a rain forest.
  48. Board games are fun.
  49. I dislike the color pink.
  50. I eat meat.